Friday, February 6, 2009

What about that $50.00 bottle of wine?

February 1, 2009 by morewines

Jerry, a friend of mine, has expressed interest in tasting some Livermore Valley wines particularly Thomas Coyne. He has high hopes that wine is not $50 a bottle.

That has lead me to write about wine and the price we pay for it. First let me say this. Good wine does not have to cost $50 a bottle! There are many good wines for under $25 and some under $20.

I was wine tasting with a friend last month. We both belong to several wine clubs and we had to pick up our club wine at a couple of wineries. One was Bodegas Aguirre Winery. Dr. Aguirre, the winemaker, was telling some of us about a blind tasting he had recently participated in at Ruth Cris’ in Walnut Creek, CA. His wine was up against several wines ranging in price from $80 to $160 a bottle. The winning wine that night was Dr. Agurrie’s 2004 Cabernet Savignon. The price on this wine is just $35.

Bottom line is this. In the Livermore Valley Wine Country, if a winery has priced their wines at $50 a bottle. It is most likely over priced.

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