Friday, May 2, 2014

Lost in in the Livermore Valley Wine Country

Recently, a new map has appeared in the Livermore Valley Wine Country.  The Livermore Valley Wine Map And Visitor Guide. 

They show 44 wineries on their map and Website. Then there is the Wine Grower's Association with 43 wineries on their maps and Website.

The there is the Livermore Wine App with 55 wineries listed. 

Plus a few more other Apps and Websites.

The problem is there are more than 60 wineries in the Livermore Valley Wine County. 

The  Livermore Valley Wine Map and Website and the Wine Grower's Association Website and Maps will only show those that have a membership or buy into the map. The Livermore Valley Wine App has a lot of incorrect information on the varies wineries as well not listing all of the wineries. 

For a better map source you can use Wine Country This Week. However they show only 54 wineries. The local paper The Independent News in their hard copy IN magazine shows 50 wineries. For a local newspaper they could do better.

As for the other Websites and Apps, there are too many to list. They could do a better job at being accurate on listing the wineries and each winery's specific information.

My suggestion is to find a Livermore Winery  you want to visit then ask them what other wineries you should visit in the Livermore Valley Wine Country.

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