Friday, November 18, 2011

Why do wineries do this?

I recently visited a couple of wineries in Tracy, California. The first one was Windmill Ridge.
I think, and I say that carefully, I think their wines might be quite good. However, they let the wine that they pour for tasting oxidize. I don't know how they sell any wine when the samples are oxidized. Why do wineries do this? I realize they need to be careful about the bottom line of their business. However, I do believe they would sell more products if they had samples of good products. I was able to have a good sample of their 2006 Cabernet and I did buy a bottle.

They told me they save the wine they did not pour on Sunday by spraying nitrogen in the bottle, cork it and put it in the refrigerator. Then use that same wine the next Saturday. This is proof nitrogen doesn't always work well after several days go by.
The winery is only open Saturday and Sunday.

The second winery was Ramon Rios. Fantastic wines. Very well worth the visit. My favorite is the 2006 Tempranillo . This wine's aromas are plums, dark cherry and a hint of chocolate. Its fruit forward rich with grippy tannins; intense blackberry rich with good acid with hazelnut finish. It's dark red, clean yet unfiltered for more complex flavors.

I purchased several wines. I recommend visiting this winery.

I didn't have time to visit La Bonne Vie. Next time. Hopefully Windmill Ridge will have changed their practice and open new bottles every Saturday.

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